True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Premium Cocktail Drink

The ultimate cocktail drink in an instant!

RTD Singapore Sling

The new True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Original comes in a visually captivating opaque glass bottle, sleek and chic; accentuated by a bold, contemporary label that is reflective of the cocktail’s character – distinct, smart and immediately eye-catching.

While True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix requires you to add fresh pineapple juice or other juices, we have now created a drink which is ready-to-serve as it is! There is no need to add anything: drink it straight up.


- Many layered, and a taste-complex cocktail

- First taste: pineapple, with a lingering sweetness from the grenadine syrup; cut through by the refreshing tartness of the lime and pineapple juices 

- Bittersweet aftertaste from the angostura bitters that balances this cocktail

- A hint of cherry from the cherry brandy (some have described it as “cough syrupy”) an integral taste component of the Singapore Sling 

- Overall, a summery and refreshing, intricate cocktail with surprising depth, coming from the Bénédictine 

- Brought beautifully alive by the lightly vibrant bubbles 


Always drink chilled. Shake well before open, and add some squeezed fresh lime at the time of drinking to enhance the best of this RTD.
Bottle Size 250ml
Alcohol Content 4.9%