Singapore Sling Ready-to-Drink

The ultimate cocktail drink in an instant!

RTD_Singapore Sling_glass bottle

The new True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Original comes in a visually captivating opaque glass bottle, sleek and chic; accentuated by a bold, contemporary label that is reflective of the cocktail’s character – distinct, smart and immediately eye-catching.

While True Heritage Brew Singapore Sling® Original Mix requires you to add fresh pineapple juice or other juices, we have now created a drink which is ready-to-serve as it is! There is no need to add anything: drink it straight up.


- Many layered, and a taste-complex cocktail

- First taste: pineapple, with a lingering sweetness from the grenadine syrup; cut through by the refreshing tartness of the lime and pineapple juices 

- Bittersweet aftertaste from the angostura bitters that balances this cocktail

- A hint of cherry from the cherry brandy (some have described it as “cough syrupy”) an integral taste component of the Singapore Sling 

- Overall, a summery and refreshing, intricate cocktail with surprising depth, coming from the Bénédictine 

- Brought beautifully alive by the lightly vibrant bubbles 


- If possible/convenient, add the juice of fresh lime at the time of drinking to enhance the best of this RTD.

- Always drink chilled

Bottle Size 250ml
Alcohol Content 4.9%