About Us

We are about Life – with a capital “L”. We endorse living life, loving life, celebrating life. Life is a gift and one we believe should be experienced to the fullest – deeply, profoundly – and to be embraced without fear. We believe in cutting through and across all borders or barriers. We embrace diversity, impartiality, inclusion. And we do this by speaking the language that we all connect to on a deep, primal level: where words become poetry, sounds become music, movement becomes dance – and life becomes a celebration.  

Cocktails celebrate life. Cocktails are stories: of exhilaration and celebration, of a moment of magic that simply sets you free. They are stories of treasured indulgences, whispered caresses or remembered pleasures. They are stories of exuberant balmy evenings with your toes in the cool white sand. Each is an accented moment in our lives to be treasured and celebrated. 

Welcome to True Heritage Brew cocktail mixes from around the world: super fun, fuss-free and easy to use. Add a dash of flair, oodles of dreams and heaps of joy, and Pour, Shake and Serve your way to a new life story.

Come celebrate life with us!

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