The art of making a good cocktail can be a specialised and time consuming one; one that involves numerous and varied ingredients, precise measurements and, in some instances, complicated techniques and specialist equipment.

It can be prohibitively expensive and daunting for a business to stock the range of spirits, liqueurs, accessories and equipment needed to provide customers with an adequate range of favourite cocktails and that will delight and captivate taste-wise.

There is also the question of expertise. There is the challenge of finding a mixologist who knows what he/she is doing – and stays with you.


True Heritage Brew has solved these problems for you.

They offer a range of timeless world favourite cocktails including the iconic Singapore Sling – ready-mixed, convenient and very simple to use. Our cocktail mixes require little more than a cocktail shaker, juice, ice, a glass and a pair of hands.

Furthermore, quality- and taste-wise, True Heritage Brew cocktail mixes are unrivalled. Extensive R&D has gone into creating the perfect texture, taste and depth of these great cocktails.

With only seven bottles of True Heritage Brew cocktail mixes from around the world, you can set up a ready-made international cocktail bar almost anywhere, making a flawless cocktail for your customers each and every time with very little effort.

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