True Heritage Brew Mojito Premium Cocktail Drink 

The ultimate cocktail drink in an instant!

RTD Mojito

True Heritage Brew Mojito Premium Cocktail Drink is a ready-to-drink (RTD) craft cocktail in a visually captivating opaque glass bottle, sleek and chic; accentuated by a bold, contemporary label that is reflective of the cocktail’s character – distinct, smart and immediately eye-cathcing.


- Subtle tastes of sweet, tart and minty in a thirst-quenching concoction

- Easy-to-drink, thirst-quenching cocktail with a satisfying and anchoring base of white rum 

- Straightforward and simple; very refreshing

- Brought to life by the light and vibrant bubbles of the sparkling water


Always drink chilled. Add some squeezed fresh lime and shredded mint leat at the time of drinking to enhance the best of this RTD.

Bottle Size 250ml
Alcohol Content 4.9%