Remembering the Romantic Tale of Singapore Sling this Valentine's Day

What more enduringly romantic tale for Valentine’s Day is there than the one behind the cocktail Singapore Sling? A story of love at first sight between an officer and a gentleman and the beautiful daughter of a tycoon in sultry balmy Singapore in the 1900's, brought together by one simple creation: the Singapore Sling.

Transport yourselves back in time, to the 1900's. Singapore is a busting port: life, noise and bustle exploding with uncontrollable energy in the blinding, humid heat. An officer from England on Her Majesty’s business walks into the Raffles Hotel for some much needed respite from the stifling heat and chaos of the streets. Sitting across the bar is a vision that couldn’t be more in contrast to the dusty, searing madness outside, one that takes his breath away. A dignified young woman, of unsurpassed beauty and lips of deep crimson enjoys her afternoon in the cool comfort of the Hotel. Bowled over, he can only think to show his admiration by having the bartender create a cocktail that said more than words could express: a perfect cocktail the colour of passion, holding within its delicate flavours the inference of yearning and promise.

They fall in love, and live - as they should - happily ever after...

Happy Valentine’s Day. Create your own destiny.

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